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The Ties that Bind.

Hello friends, I decided after originally posting this piece that I had been remiss to not include some more context. As I had mentioned, I began writing this a couple of months ago, as writing is a big part of my healing process. I was struggling in getting to the finish line. I still felt…

Spinning Away.

(*I realize I’ve been silent in this space for a long time. When you read this post, the reason for my silence will become apparent. Truth be told, I had no intention of writing today…until my morning meditation – that I decided I’d better do at 1:00 in the afternoon! I practiced a guided meditation…


When I was hospitalized as a result of the psychosis, the business of packing up our house and belongings was being carried out by the owners of the house, who were friends of ours. Andrew had to then drive back across state to load the U-haul of all of our boxed belongings alone. He loaded…

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