Early Morning Sunday thoughts

For some reason, I woke up early this Sunday morning. I hadn’t planned on writing until after my daughters were asleep tonight, but then I thought to myself, It’s so quiet. A beautiful quiet! What a perfect time to write! So, I did and I was so happy with the end result….but just as my daughters were waking up, I somehow tapped the wrong thing and lost everything I’d written with the exception of the title and the first sentence. So here I am, trying not to feel too upset by it. Trying to recreate what I’d already written which seems so silly now, as my daughters are up and at ‘em. For context, my closing paragraph included my hope for you, which was that you’d be able to find the beautiful quiet at some point in your day. Acknowledging that the beautiful quiet would be the first thing that I’d be grateful for today. I’m laughing now! Not so long ago, this development would not have me laughing. I suppose I’m learning to let go. Perhaps that can be the second thing I choose to be grateful for today – The ability to let go. As far as my original, early Sunday morning post, much of the content was important for me to share in terms of how I came to and what my purpose for starting this site is. I’ll get to that at another time. Maybe while my girls are sleeping tonight, which is when I’d originally planned on writing to begin with. In the meantime, my hope is still that you might be able to find some beautiful quiet today and that any challenge you face be small enough that you’re able to find the breathing room to let it go.


  1. Kim Dizon says:

    Thank you! Love this Tricia❣️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trisheerose says:

      Thank you, dear kimmie. It means so much that you took the time 😘


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